ZK-AXQ  Auster 5                              (c/n   1652)


                                          This is another of Jim Dyson's photos kindly supplied by David Molesworth.  I actually have
                                          a shot of this machine, but the above image is so much nicer than mine I shan't bother to scan it!
                                          ZK-AXQ was a sister ship to -AXP, being ex RAF TJ638 and then on the UK civil register
                                          as G-ALKK to A.H. Wheeler of Farnborough.  It was sold by Shackleton's (the UK's largest
                                          aircraft broker of the day) to the Auckland Aero Club in January of 1950, in whose service it is
                                         displayed above.  By mid 1955 it was flying with the Hauraki Aero Club of out Thames.  However,
                                         on 6 Sept 1955 the aircraft was flying in low cloud/misty conditions when it flew into high ground
                                         in the vicinty of Wood's Mill, Mamaku, and was written off.