ZK-AXF  Auster J/1B Aiglet                            (c/n  2674)


                                                 This is the sister aircraft to ZK-AXE.   Since the A J Jackson collection has another
                                                 negative of it, I will replace this image 'ere long.   ZK-AXF is still airworthy, and a fairly
                                                 current image of it is shown below (taken off a 35mm slide), courtesy of the Kenneth
                                                 Tilley collection.   Date and venue unknown, but late enough for the cursed use of the
                                                 "last three" in lieu of the full ZK-AXF to be in vogue.  Also, by this time it had been
                                                 converted to J/1Y standard, by replacing the Gipsy Major with a Lycoming and adding
                                                 a dorsal fin.  Quite frankly I feel that this treatment makes the machine look more like an
                                                 Aviat Husky than an Auster product!