ZK-AXC      Auster J/4                      (c/n  2080)


                                        For some years after WW II ended Australia suffered a severe economic dollar shortage.
                                        This meant that the importation of US lightplanes in this period was just about impossible (the
                                        bans were lifted in the late 1950s).   This embargo also manifested itself in regard to aero engines
                                        and so Auster decided to fit the two seat Continental-powered Arrow with a 90 hp Blackburn
                                        Cirrus Minor engine.  This gave rise to the J/4 design, only two of which were imported into
                                        New Zealand, ZK-AXC being the first.   This was the former G-AIPK which was imported into
                                        the Dominion at the end of 1950 for W. Bradshaw..  This machine is still currently registered to
                                        Peter Turvey of Rangiora.