ZK-AVE  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                  (c/n   84207)


                                         Here's another of Robertson's top dressing Tigers with their distinctive red and white checker-
                                         board rudders.  This was the former G-AMTF.  In the early 1990 it was restored at Mandeville
                                         by the Croydon Aircraft Company for Mark Zipfell who unfortunately crashed it in 1994,
                                         necessitating yet another rebuild.  Following this it was returned it to the UK (circa 1995) resum-
                                         ing its old identity of  G-AMTF.     It was then sold to Peter Winters in Belgium who had it regis-
                                         tered OO-TMW.  Shortly after that it was acquired by New Zealand ex-pat and current owner,
                                         Hamish Monro.  Hamish flew it for a couple of years as OO-TMW (and provided me the photo
                                         below of it wearing that rego along with its RAF serial and in suitable 1940s camouflage).    In
                                         2007 it was returned to the UK register as G-AMTF again.       It is now based in East Sussex.
                                      .  Incidentally, Hamish is a great nephew of F. Douglas Mill who was an original de Havilland agent
                                         for New Zealand !