ZK-AUC  CAC CA-6 Wackett  Trainer               (c/n  244)


                                              Surprisingly, this was the only Wackett Trainer which made it on to the New Zealand civil
                                              register.  The Wackett was actually an excellent trainer, docile, but with responsive controls.
                                              It was a bit like a Vultee Valiant.  It also rattled as much (or at least the ones I flew in did).
                                           .  ZK-AUC was ex RAAF A3-10, and originally civilianized as VH-AKC.   It was exported
                                              to New Zealand in 1950 and was operated by the New Plymouth Aero Club.  It was written
                                              off in a crash at Taupo in 1958.  The above shot is from the Geoff Goodall collection.  By the
                                              time I saw it on a dull day in October 1955 at Napier-Hastings it had been repainted silver
                                              all over with a barely visible light blue fin rego (below).