ZK-ATU  Piper J-3C65                        (c/n 9538)

                                                 This aircraft was built in 1942 as a Piper L-4B Grasshopper for the US Army Air Corps with
                                                 serial number 43-677 and saw service in the UK as a liaison machine.  It was civilianized in 1947
                                                 and converted to J-3C standard and then evidentally shipped to the Gilbert & Ellis Islands for
                                                 service with the Crown Agents for the Colonies.  In the event it was sold in 1948 to a private
                                                 owner in Fiji as VQ-FAG.   It was imported into New Zealand the following year.  Wally Tarr,
                                                 one of the original partnership owners still owns it.  As is the want these days, this machine has
                                                 been converted back to L-4B standard and currently flies as a 'warbird'.    I am not sure of the
                                                 circumstances behind its appearance as an Air Contracts machine (below) unless that was one
                                                 of Mr. Tarr's enterprises.