ZK-AQJ  Percival P.44 Proctor 5         (c/n  Ae.50)


                                             Who was the lucky schoolboy getting a ride in this post war Proctor?  Looks like his brother
                                             is checking out the tail.  ZK-AQJ was imported for the Marlborough Aero Club in 1947 but
                                             had been sold to Air Contracts Ltd by the time this shot was taken in 1950.  The shot below
                                             is from the Ken Tilley collection and shows -AQJ taken at a later date (probably in the 1960s.).
                                             I can't say I am enamoured of the paint job (the rego is barely discernable under the port wing).
                                             This aircraft was last flown in1972, although the registration was not cancelled until 1992.
                                             It is thought to be currently in storage at Auckland