ZK-APK  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G            (c/n  16967/34227)


                                       The above photograph of ZK-APK is rare in that it shows the aircraft in 1947 as it was when just
                                       released from its RNZAF duties as NZ3556.  It was then converted to full civilian standard by ANA
                                       in Melbourne.  The lower shot shows it in standard early 1950s livery.  Note substitution of military
                                       freight door with the rounded civilian one.  New Zealand National operated it until 1962 when it was
                                       converted to DC3-D Skyliner status as "Kaikohe" in Christchurch in 1964.   It was leased to Fiji
                                      Airways as VQ-FAH from May to October of 1967.  Returning  to New Zealand  it went back to
                                      NZNAC for a period and was then sold to Airland (NZ) in 1969 and was converted to a topdresser.
                                      It went to Fieldair in 1978, and was finally withdrawn from use in 1981.  It wound up as a tea room
                                      at the Rangitikei River Adventures in Mangaweka.