ZK-APC  Avro 626 Prefect                           (c/n  811)


                                           Two shots of the (relatively) rare Avro biplane.  The Prefect was an advancement over
                                           the earlier Model 621 trainer and four examples were imported for the RNZAF in 1935
                                           serialed NZ201-204.   This one was NZ203.   It was withdrawn from service use in 1943
                                           and served as an instructional airframe for the Hastings Air Training Corps.  In 1947 it was
                                           sold to J. Frogley and was a fairly common sight at Hastings in the late 1940s where these images
                                           (above and below) were taken.  In 1957 it took part in the RNZAF 21st birthday celebrations
                                           at Wigram.   After languishing on the owner's farm for many years it was sold to the RNZAF
                                           Museum in 1980.  Restoration began at Ohakea in November 1981 and the aircraft flew again
                                           for the first time since 1958 in July 1985.   It then flew for some years as NZ203 as part of
                                           the RNZAF Historic Aircraft Flight before being withdrawn for display at the RNZAF Museum,
                                           Wigram, Christchurch.    A photograph of it flying as NZ203 can be seen on the RNZAF site at