ZK-AOZ   Douglas DC-3CS1C3G         (c/n  16147/32895)


                                         Here's ZK-AOZ at Auckland in company with RNZAF D.H.104 Devon NZ1802, circa 1949.
                                         This machine was built as C-47B-30-DK 44-76563 and was assigned to the RNZAF as NZ3537.
                                         It was converted to civilian airline standards by ANA in Melbourne in 1947, and sold to NZNAC
                                         who operated it until 1962.  In 1963 it was leased to Polynesian Airlines as 5W-FAA, and then went
                                         to Australian Aircraft Sales in 1967.  It was sold on to Seulawah Air Service in Indonesia as PK-RDB.
                                         It was damaged beyond repair by a cyclone at Darwin, Australia on 25 December 1974.