ZK-AON  de havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth            (c/n  DHNZ80)


                                              The only reason I have put this (overly contrasty) shot out here is because, under the nose,
                                              can be seen a CA-12 (or maybe a -13) Boomerang. Since this shot was taken at Blenheim
                                              in 1949 I wonder what it was doing there?  Anyway, this Tiger was ex NZ830 and was sold
                                              to the Marlborough Aero Club in 1947, in whose service it is seen above. It went to Willmotts
                                              Aerial Topdressing Co Ltd in August 1951, and the to Auster Air Services in 1959. Aerial
                                              Sowing Canterbury Ltd of Timaru purchased it in 1961 and it was finally struck off the register
                                              in 1968.     Twenty years later it was resurrected and is still airworthy today.  A nice evocative
                                              contemporary shot of it can be seen at: