ZK-AOI       Douglas DC-3CS1C3G            (c/n  16966/34226)


                                           ZK-AOI worked the Freightair service for NZNAC, as seen in this (very) uncontrasty
                                           shot, circa 1952.  When its service days were over at NZNAC the aircraft was sold to
                                           James Aviation and was used as an "Ag-Dak".  This operation of Douglas DC-3s in an
                                           aerial topdressing operation was surely unique in New Zealand.  I do not recall any other
                                           country using these ancient transports to dust crops.  Most topdressers of the day used
                                           Tiger Moths or Austers although Ossie James saw a need for increased capacity and
                                           adapted the DC-3 to the role, much in the way that fire-fighters use large aircraft for
                                           borate drops.    In the event, the aircraft was being operated by James' subsidiary
                                           Southern Super Air on 23 Feb 1973 when the starboard wing collapsed due to a loss
                                           of structural strength.   The accident report said, in as many words "the DC-3 wasn't
                                           designed for aerobatics" (which is basically what it was being asked to do) and, as a result,
                                           the wing fell off.  The pilot was killed following the crash into a hillside.