ZK-AOF  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G            (c/n   16151/32899)


                                                 This excellent Jim Dyson shot (courtesy David Molesworth) represents the anthesis of the
                                                 preceding entry (ZK-AOE).  This aircraft had been nicely groomed to full civilian standards
                                                 (except for the retention of the freight door), and stands awaiting pax at Auckland in the
                                                 early 1950s.  This aircraft was an ex C-47B-30-DK (44-76567) and served with the RNZAF
                                                 as NZ3539.  It was leased to Polynesian Airlines in the early 1970s becoming VQ-FBJ, then
                                                 DQ-FBJ before returning to New Zealand, when it was put back into service by NZNAC on
                                                 a short lived air mail route from Christchurch to Timaru and Oamaru .  It then went briefly
                                                 to Australia and was sold from there onto the US register as N99435.  After many different
                                                 owners it was last seen languishing (and derelict) on the Dutch Antilles island of Aruba.    It is
                                                 reported to have been dumped into the sea off the island.