ZK-AOD  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                      (c/n  15701/27146)


                                         ZK-AOD was the first of some 28 DC-3s to be operated by NZNAC over the years.  This
                                         aircraft began life as a C-47B-20-DK, with USAAC serial number 43-49885.  It went to the
                                         Royal New Zealand Air Force as NZ3532 and was civilianized for New Zealand National
                                         Airways Corporation in 1947.  It was converted to "Skyliner" standard (large tourist windows)
                                         in 1963 and sold to Mt Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Company the following year.  It was
                                         sold to Field Air in 1970 who reduced the aircraft to spares, eventually withdrawing it from the
                                         register in 1976.