ZK-ANC  Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar                     (c/n  2556)


                                         A NZNAC Lodestar at Wellington in company with another Lodestar, a DC-3 and a Rapide,
                                         circa 1949.   Another ex C-60A, ZK-ANC was formerly 42-56063 with the USAAC and
                                         NZ3514 with the RNZAF.  Union Airways named it named 'Kerangi', and it retained that
                                         name when taken over by New Zealand National Airways Corporation in 1947.  It was sold
                                         Costine and Co of Boston, Mass in 1951, becoming N4635V.  It later went to the B.F.
                                         Goodrich Company as N7000, and was probably scrapped sometime in the 1970s.