ZK-TEB  Lockheed L-188C Electra                     (c/n  2010)


                                       ZK-TEB was delivered in December 1959.  The photos in this entry were taken by Greg Banfield
                                       at Mascot.  The top image was in April 1964 with the aircraft in full TEAL livery.  By March 1965
                                       (immediately below) it had shed it's 'TEAL Jet Prop' cabin titling, and was evidently being readied
                                       for the Air New Zealand title change as seen later in that same year in the shot at the foot of the page.
                                       ZK-TEB was sold off to California Airmotive in May 1972 (transiting as N33506) before going to
                                       Nordair as CF-NAX.         It then had many more identities over the years before winding up as
                                       G-LOFI in 2002 for Atlantic Airlines.  In the event it was never used by that carrier and wound up
                                       being stored at Coventry - Baginton Airport.  It is still there?