ZK-NZA   McDonnell Douglas DC-8-52                                    (c/n  45750)         


                                   In April 1961 the  New Zealand Government bought out the Australian Government's  shareholding
                                   in Tasman Empire Air Lines thus making it a wholly owned New Zealand venture.  When, in 1965,
                                   the first of TEAL's DC-8s was delivered, a decision had been made to change the airline's name to
                                   Air New Zealand.  In order to retain a semblance of the old identity, however, ZK-NZA, at least,
                                   was delivered carrying both titles as Greg Banfield's shot above, taken at Mascot in December 1965
                                   attests.  By the time Greg saw it again, almost a year later (below) it had shed itself of the old TEAL
                                   image.    After over a decade with Air New Zealand, ZK-NZA was sold in January of 1977 to
                                   Evergreen International as N801EV.      It was eventually retired and the hulk resided at Marana-
                                   Pinal Airpark in Arizona for several years.