ZK-CWQ        Fletcher FU-24-950M                           (c/n   64)


                                  This was thje former VH-CYV, orignally bulilt as ZK-BOL.  It was then  leased in Australia
                                  for a five year period as VH-BOT, remaining as such until returning to New Zealand as
                                  ZK-BOL again (in August 1963).    In April 1967 it sustained major damage in a crash and
                                  was rebuilt as ZK-CWQ, going back to Australia shortly after its rebirth.   It returned
                                  to New Zealand (as ZK-CWQ) in 1984, was leased for a short while in the Solomon
                                  Islands as H4-AAR, then returned as ZK-CWQ once again.  It was finally written off in
                                  another crash at Taupo in December 1987.   David Carter's photo above was at Mascot in