ZK-CDI   Yeoman-Haynes 250                         (c/n  110)


                                        This aircraft was a three seat version of the original Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster.  The photo above
                                        (via Geoff Goodall) was taken by Ray Deerness at Omaka in January 1973.       The aircraft was
                                        originally shipped to New Zealand from Sydney (ex VH-DEQ) in February 1964 as a newly built
                                        YA-1 Cropmaster 250 for Farmers Aerial Topdressing Co Ltd of  Invercargill.  The image below,
                                        by David Kelly shows it at that venue in February 1964 as a regular ag aircraft.   After a few years
                                        in ag work in it was sold to a private owner I. H. Hanes of  Horotiu NZ in 1968, who removed the
                                        hopper and rebuilt it as the one-and-only "Yeoman-Hanes 250" 3 seater.     It flew as a private air-
                                        craft for the next 15 years at least, later retired and was then up for sale for some years.    In 2001
                                        it was purchased by Fred Burke of Wagga, (either senior or junior) and registered in Australia as
                                        VH-FBC.  It has now been stripped right down to its Wackett fuselage frame for a long-term rebuild
                                        to fly and probably to satisfy CASA that the Hanes modifications have been removed.  Finally, at the
                                        foot of the page is an undated shot taken by Sandy Ferguson taken at Nelson Airport.