ZK-CCG  North American P-51D Mustang                           (c/n  124-48260)


                                   This shot, from the Sandy Ferguson collection, was taken in the hangar at Christchurch in the 1960s.
                                   Formerly 45-11507 and NZ2417 ZK-CCG was one of some 30 Mustangs shipped to New Zealand
                                   in 1945.although, with the cessation of hostilities it was placed into storage upon arrival.  Sold as surplus
                                   in 1958 it was restored using parts from NZ2409 and flew from 1964 to1968 as the 'Mobil Mustang'
                                   in an attractive white with red trim livery.  Upon withdrawal of this sponsorship it was stored until
                                   1974 when it was shipped to the US as N921 and painted in warbird colors as 'Cripes A Mighty 3rd'.
                                   By 1983 it was part of the Weeks Air Museum but was badly damaged by the hurricane of 1992.
                                   It was fully restored in 1999 and was, in fact, the Oshkosh champion for that year.