ZK-BUV  Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar               (c/n 2152)


                                                        Actually outside of "my era" as far as New Zealand civil aircraft goes, I am including this nice
                                                        shot taken by David Molesworth in 1967.  ZK-BUV was one of six Lodestars acquired by
                                                        Fieldair Ltd in 1957 for topdressing duties.   This aircraft was actually built as a C-59 for the
                                                        US Army Air Corps as 41-29631, and then Lend Leased to the RAF as EW984.  After the
                                                        war it served with the Spanish Air Force as EC-22 and then for the airline CANA as EC- ???.
                                                        At some point in its career it was converted from a C-59 to C-60 (Lockheed 18-56) status.
                                                        It is seen above in Airlinand(NZ) livery.  Airland was formed by the merger of Fieldair, James
                                                        Aviation, Rural Aviation and Air Contracts Heavry Aiorcraft Divisions.