ZK-BQQ  Piper PA-18A            (c/n  18-5412)


                                              This is actually the same image that I use in my "U.S. Classics" section to represent a Piper
                                              PA-18.  I took this shot in 1957 at Auckland when the aircraft was owned by the Auckland
                                              Aero Club.  The inscription on the nose states "AAC Air Taxi"    It went to Sky Advertising Ltd
                                              (later renamed Aviation Trading Ltd) in 1966, presumably as a banner tug.   Then to the Sinclair
                                              Flying School of Paraparauma and finally to the NAC/BP Flying Club in Wellington.  ZK-BQQ
                                              was damaged beyond repair on a landing strip near Te Horo in April of 1971.