ZK-BLS   Cessna 170B         (c/n  26993)


                                                          The two shots of this aircraft both came from the David Molesworth collection.  The upper,
                                                          by Jim Dyson taken in the summer of 55/56 depicts the machine whilst virtually brand new,
                                                          while the lower, by David, was at an air show in New Plymouth in 1967.  In my opinion, it
                                                          looked much neater in pure Cessna livery!   The original owner (above) was the Auckland
                                                          Aero Club.   It passed to the Hawera Aero Club in 1959 and to R.M. Young Ltd (below)
                                                          by 1966.  It was sold to R.V. Rowe and Sons (t/a Ngatea Aero Hire) in 1967 and crashed
                                                          on take-off at Ngamtea Station near Taihape on 30 March 1968.