ZK-BLB  Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer         (c/n  22-3379)


                                                  Fortunately Jim Dyson's nice shot above (via David Molesworth) is sharp enough to be able
                                                  to discern the miniscule rego on this typical Tri-Pacer.   (In a few years time, Tri-Pacers would
                                                  be shipped with a gap in the fuselage strip for a large scale rego to be painted on).   This Piper
                                                  was sold by the distributors, Airwork (NZ), to a private owner in Christchurch at the end of 1955. 
                                                  It had several owners during the next 20 odd years including the Tauranga Aero Club and Christ-
                                                  church Central Flying School.   It was privately owned when it was written off in a crash near the
                                                  summit of Titiokura Hill, 30 km from Napier in October of 1978.