ZK-BKW  Piper PA-18A Super Cub            (c/n  18-4673)


                                        Here's a delightful image of a Super Cub.  It comes from the Ivan Prince collection, who
                                        advises that, although the provenance is unknown, was probably taken in the early 1960s,
                                        and that assumption is born out by the authentic Piper livery worn by the bird.  Anyway,
                                        Pipers were imported in those days by Airwork (NZ) Ltd and this one went to the Auckland
                                        Aero Club who christened it "Cliff Leys" (a former secretary?) early in 1956.   It has had
                                        many owners since then and was acquired by Roger C. Gould of Washdyke in 1982 with
                                        whom it is still currently registered.   Roger advises (2008) that he still owns the Cub and
                                        employs it on salmon spotting out of Timaru airport.  It is still powered by the original Cont-
                                        inential 12/F engine, albiet rebuilt several times! .