ZK-BGZ       Tipsy Belfair               (c/n  532)


                                           I have images of this machine in two different ZK- liveries plus a shot of it in Belgium before
                                           it emigrated.  The above shot shows it soon after it arrived and, at the bottom of this page is
                                           a nice image by Tipsy officianado Willem Ronge (if you're a Tipsy person (!) go to his website
                                           at:                   http://www.tipsy-histories.com/site/tussen.htm)
                                           My lower shot taken at an air show in Hastings in 1955 shows it with a more "standard Tipsy"
                                           livery.  Incidently, another view can be seen on my collection in Ron Dupas' excellent site at: 
                                           As indicated above, it was previously OO-TIB, and was purchased by A.H. Mills of Rotorua
                                           in December of 1954.  In October 1956 it passed to E. Wilkie but was written off in a crash into
                                           the pine forest in December of that year.   After salvaging the engine, the remains were burned.