ZK-BGT      Auster J/1B Aiglet                  (c/n  2803)


                                                 This aircraft is a bit of a hybrid, which makes it somewhat rare and hence I put this very
                                                 poor quality image out here rather than omit it completely.  This machine was constructed
                                                 locally from components cannibalized from an ex-RNZAF Auster J.5 (NZ1706) and a
                                                 J/1B which had been damaged in transit to New Zealand.  Even though it carries the c/n
                                                 of the J.5 it appears that most of the machine came from the J/1B.  In fact, some wags
                                                 have suggested that the ONLY part of the J.5 it retained was the c/n!  ZK-BGT was lost
                                                 in a crash at the mouth of the Cascade River in February 1960.