ZK-BFA  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth            (c/n 85208)


                                                    Interestingly enough, the first allocation of the registration ZK-BFA was for a British
                                                    Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (BCPA) Douglas DC-6.  In the event this mark was not
                                                    taken up and the airliner became ZK-BGA.   ZK-BFB and ZK-BFC were similarly re-
                                                    allocated in the -BG series. Anyway, here is the replacement ZK-BFA with the Chrislea
                                                    Super Ace ZK-ASI in the background at Hastings in 1954. This Tiger was ex G-AMIX,
                                                    and was destroyed by fire in a crash at Matamata in 1965.