ZK-BDX  Auster J/1B Aiglet                  (c/n  3122)


                                                 This Aiglet is wearing a non-standard Auster livery, which is rare, considering that it was
                                                 new when this shot was taken, and given that most ZK- registered machines looked like
                                                 they had just left Rearsby.   I suspect that the reason was that the aircraft was operated
                                                 by the Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Company and had been repainted in the
                                                 the colors of that concern.  This aircraft was ex G-ANGV and was imported in March
                                                 of 1954.  It was later fitted with skis and, in 1975, re-enacted the first landing of an aircraft
                                                 on the Tasman Glacier.   It is now on static display at Queenstown.