ZK-BDA  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth         (c/n   DHA106)


                                                 In 1953 Aircraft Service NZ Ltd picked up three Australian Tigers which had all suffered
                                                 mishaps in varying degrees of severity, shipping them to New Zealand and rebuilding them.
                                                 ZK-BDA was the first and became their fleet No 10.  It was the former A17-109 which had
                                                 been civilianized as VH-AXP  This aircraft had ostensibly been written off in an accident at
                                                 Mount Eliza in Victoria in 1947, whilst with the Royal Victorian Aero Club.  Presumably the
                                                 remains had languished in a hangar somewhere.  Aircraft Service rebuilt it but in1955 it
                                                 crashed (again) at Pakotai while being operated by Northern Aviation Ltd.