ZK-BBU  Auster J/5F Aiglet Trainer          (c/n  2759)


                                                         Originally registered in April of 1953 to the Nelson Aero Club.  Jim Dyson took the above
                                                         photo in early 1953 and it is shown here courtesy of the David Molesworth collection. In
                                                        1967 ZK-BBU was involved in a take-off accident at Dairy Flat.  It was rebuilt as ZK-CYQ.
                                                         In January 1978 the rebuilt machine was attempting a landing at Spotburn Creek, Cardronna
                                                         Valley, Wanaka, when sheep on the threshold forced a go around.  The aircraft was unable to
                                                         outclimb the rising ground, settled back onto the ground and nosed over some 50 m beyond
                                                         the edge of the strip.  The bits and pieces are reputed to be in store at Warkworth.