ZK-BBI  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth          (c/n   83513)


                                                     Tail skids took a terible beating when Tigers were used in the topdressing role.  Here
                                                     is ZK-BBI receiving treatment on its rear end.  This machine was civilianized as G-AMRM
                                                     (ex T7106).  Some references give the c/n of this aircraft as 83209.  It was sold originally
                                                     to the New Plymouth Aero Club although had been relegated to 'dresser duties with Barr
                                                     Brothers Ltd when these shots were taken in 1954.    The lower image showing the aircraft
                                                     in a more pristine condition is from the David Molesworth collection and was shot by Jim
                                                     Dyson, probably a year or so after the top photo was taken.