ZK-AMG  Short S.25 Sunderland III            (c/n  ML794)


                                     In 1947 New Zealand National Airways took over the flying boat service from Auckland to
                                     Fiji which had previously been operated by the Royal New Zealand Air Force.  Accordingly,
                                     the four Sunderlands used on that service (actually only three, since one was almost immediately
                                     returned to the Air Force) were transferred to the civil register.  NZ4103 became ZK-AMG
                                     (this was originally built as a Sunderland maritime patrol aircraft for the RAF as ML794).
                                     This machine was eventually handed over to TEAL (NZNAC were not particularly happy with
                                     these flying boats) although when this photograph was taken at Auckland in 1949 I suspect that
                                     the owners of note were, at that time, NZNAC.    It was finally broken up in 1955.