ZK-AMC   Short S..30  Empire Class               (c/n  S.884)


                                     The Short Empire 'boats were quite handsome looking aircraft.  This is TEAL's second, and
                                     was formerly G-AFCY "Awarua". The second aircraft was to have been ZK-AMB (ex G-AFCZ
                                     "Australia") but came to grief after it ran aground on a mud flat whilst taking off from Basra, Iraq
                                     on 9 August 1939.  It was returned to Hythe for repairs and, in the event, never did wind up on the
                                     New Zealand register.  ZK-AMB was re-assignd to a Sandingham 4 instead. 
                                     ZK-AMC was withdrawn from service in 1947, having spent the war years on the Auckland-
                                     Sydney route.  The provenance of the above shot is unknown, but shows it in war-time livery
                                     with the red, white and blue rudder flash, and the rego underlined..    It was broken up in the
                                     Tamaki estuary, Auckland in 1947.