ZK-ALZ  Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar               (c/n  2104)


                                                 This Lodestar was originally built for the Netherlands East Indies Air Force as LT-909
                                                 and escaped to Australia ahead of the Japanese advance.  Here it was impressed into the
                                                 USAAC as a C-56B-LO with the call sign of VHCAC.  It was civilianized as VH-ARY
                                                 and was exported to New Zealand in 1946 for NZNAC.   Unfortunately it was severely
                                                 damaged by fire at Palmerston North (where this photograph was probably taken) before
                                                 it could enter service with NZNAC as "Korire".  The burnt out fuselage was sold for
                                                 scrap.  A complete history of this machine may be found at: