ZK-ALF   Rearwin 9000-L                        (c/n    613-D)

                                        Operated by the New Plymouth Aero Club when these shots were taken, this Rearwin had been
                                        imported for the club in 1938 as ZK-AGQ.   It returned to New Plymouth following its war
                                        time impressment as NZ599.   After a series of private owners it was ferried from Tauranga
                                        to Pongakawa in 1978 for restoration. By mid 2005 the restoration was almost complete and
                                        the aircraft should fly again shortly.   The above image is by James Dyson (via David Molesworth)
                                        and, whilst my lower one shows the aircraft looking "fatter" I can assure you that the image has
                                        not been touched up in any way!