ZK-AKV  Percival P.10 Vega Gull               (c/n  K.63)


                                           I would definitely like a better print of this rare old bird.   (The one below is even worse!).
                                           This machine was originally imported into new Zealand in 1937 as ZK-AFI.  It "did its
                                           time" as NZ571.  Upon the cessation of hostilities it was sold to the Wellington Aero Club
                                           in 1946 (in whose employ it is seen in the lower fuzzy image) as ZK-AKV. It then flew for
                                           various owners until 1963 when it was withdrawn from use and ostemsibly broken up.
                                           Turns out bits and pieces were salvaged by John Geary and it is currently stored in South
                                           Auckland.   Hopefully it will become the subject of a restoration project.