ZK-AKL   de Havilland D.H.94 Moth Minor                (c/n   94061)


                                       This aircraft was originally destined for the civil market in 1939 when ordered by the Auckland
                                       Aero Club, as ZK-AHJ.  In the event, it was impressed directly into military service (as NZ591)
                                       upon reaching New Zealand and this registration was given to the Porterfield.   It returned to the
                                       Auckland club in 1946 becoming ZK-AKL.  As will be seen in my blurry shot at the bottom of
                                       this page, this aircraft was built in the open cockpit configuration.  The 'razor-back' fairing was              
                                       added somewhere in the early 1950s.  Soon afterwards the above shot was taken by Jom Dyson
                                       (via the David Molesworth collection) at Auckland.    David himself took a photo of it at New
                                       Plymouth in 1967 and this image appears immediately below.  It was withdrawn from use and
                                       stored in 1969. It was last registered to D. Muir and H. Jenkins of Manurewa, Auckland, and is
                                       believed to be presently stored at Manurewa.