ZK-AJL  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth            (c/n  DHNZ29)


                                         Ex RNZAF NZ779, this aircraft went to the Otago Aero Club in whose yellow and blue livery
                                         it is seen above in 1949.  Used by the club until August 1950 after which it went to Southland
                                         and Otago Aerial Topdressing Co Ltd.   ZK-AJL crashed at Five Forks in 1957.  It re-appeared
                                         at Mandeville in the late 1960s after having been rebuilt to non-flying condition utilizing parts from
                                         ZK-BJK.  It was later transferred to the Yaldhurst Museum, Christchurch for display.  Ivan Prince
                                                      "The museum exhibit consisted of fuselage, undercarriage, cowlings and rudder and bore
                                                        no identification other than "ZK-AJL" pencilled on the rear instrument panel. The cowlings
                                                        were white with a black anti-dazzle panel, the same as the scheme worn by the aircraft at
                                                        Mandeville. Further details not known."