ZK-AIP  Rearwin 9000-L Sportster                     (c/n  607-D )


                                        This nice shot was taken by Ken Meeham at Auckland in 1951.    Colors were red with
                                        light blue rego.    Originally imported in 1938 as ZK-AGS, it was impressed into war duty
                                        with the RNZAF as NZ565 in 1943  (I can't believe they were that hard up for light transports
                                        that they needed this diminutive machine).   It was sold back to its original owner, H.T. Morton
                                        in 1946 and registered ZK-AIP.   It went to R. Geddes of South Canterbury in 1951 and
                                        crashed at Tasman Downs in 1956 and was written off.  (The aircraft failed to become airborne
                                        from the airstrip and crashed over the edge of a plateau.  The pilot was killed and the passenger
                                        seriously injured).