ZK-AHX  Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar               (c/n  2381)


                                        Poor shot, but included for historical completeness.  Union Airways (and, by default, New
                                        Zealand National Airways Corporation after 1 April 1947) were one of a small number of
                                        airlines to make extensive use of the Lodestar.  Others of note were BOAC (the largest user),
                                        National Airlines of Jacksonville, Florida and South African Airways).  NZNAC had a dozen
                                        or so of them.  All were ex-military C-60As, ZK-AHX being ex 42-55944 and NZ3507 with
                                        the RNZAF.   NZNAC named it 'Kororo'  This aircraft was sold in the US in 1952 as N4636V.