ZK-AFT  Porterfield 35-W         (c/n    316)


                                      Imported at the same time as ZK-AFS (1938), this example was purchased from the importers
                                      (General Aircraft Sales, Ltd) by the Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club.  It was impressed
                                      into service as NZ581 in May of 1940 although re-civilianized again a month later as ZK-AHJ.                                   
                                      In its yo-yo status it was re-impressed into the RNZAF in 1942 as NZ598, this time remaining
                                      with them until. the end of hostilities whence it returned to the register as ZK-APJ.  It was flown
                                      by W.Willmott of Timaru until the mid 1970s and then withdrawn from use.   It was restored and
                                      is now on display at the Ashburton Aviation Museum in, I believe, full military livery.