ZK-AFH  Miles M.11 Whitney Straight                        (c/n  311 )

                                    Fifty of the M.11 series of light monoplanes was built by F.G. Miles to a specification laid down
                                    by Mr Whitney Straight who operated a series of flying clubs in the southern UK in the 1930s.
                                    Eight eventually found their way to New Zealand.   ZK-AFH was one of them, and was operated
                                    by the Public Works Department in 1939.  It was never impressed into service with the RNZAF
                                    (possibly because of its government ownership status).  This shot was taken at Hastings circa 1952
                                .   It was withdrawn from use in 1962 since it had been left outside and exposed to the elements and
                                    the wings were damaged by frost.  (Today it would have received tender loving care and been
                                    restored, but that didn't happen too much up until the 1970s or 80s).   ZK-AFH was scrapped
                                    somewhere between 1965 and 1968.