ZK-AFD  Lockheed 10A Electra                  (c/n  1095)


                                    ZK-AFD, 'Kuaka', the second of the original Electras (four more were added to the fleet later)
                                    had an accident when it hit Flagstaff Hill at Taieri in 1943. It was subsequently rebuilt and went
                                    on to serve with New Zealand National Airways after WW II in whose livery it is seen in the
                                    rather blurry image above.      It later passed to Rural Aviation of Wellington in the mid 1950s.
                                    ZK-AFD was broken up in 1961 and apparently the fuselage survived and found its way to the
                                    Museum of Technology and Transport in Auckland where it was destined to become a static
                                    'cutaway' display, but is currently still in storage (as of 2012).  In the meantime there is on display
                                    at MOTAT a complete Electra, c/n 1138 (ex ZK-BUT, NC21735, N10Y) masquerading as