ZK-AEA  British Klemm BK1 Eagle                     (c/n 106)


                                      This was the former VH-USP, flown across the Tasman Sea into New Zealand in October 1935
                                      by its owner, Mr. W.M. O'Hara, whose address was given as Malang, Java, NEI. .  The aircraft
                                      was named 'Zeelandia'.  O'Hara then toured New Zealand in it, notwithstanding the fact that the
                                      Australian CAB had cancelled its CofA due to the extra long range tanks which had been fit ted
                                      and which did not meet their requirements.   In April 1936 O'Hara had the machine registered in
                                      New Zealand as ZK-AEA and then, shortly after shipped it back to Sydney aboard the 'MV
                                      Monowa' where it arrived on 5 May 1936.  His intention was to fly the Eagle back to Java, via
                                      Perth.    The above shot, from the E.A. Crome collection, courtesy of the National Library of
                                      Australia was taken outside the Sydney to Newcastle Air Service hangar at Mascot in May 1936
                                      just before this attempted flight to the NEI.   Unfortunately it crashed on take off from a property
                                      near Dubbo, NSW on 24 May 1936, and O'Hara was killed in the crash