ZK-ADI  de Havilland D.H.83 Fox Moth                   (c/n   4097)


                                    Grainy old shot of a Fox Moth over the Southern Alps.  This aircraft was the last Fox Moth
                                    produced in the U.K. (production continued in Canada) and was first registered Jan 1935.
                                    It was impressed into service with the RNZAF during WW II as NZ566.  Released after the
                                    war to New Zeraland National Airways Corporation, it became ZK-ASP.  (For some reason,
                                    when aircraft were demobbed in New Zealand they did not revert to their original regos, but
                                    were given a new registration in line with the sequence at that time).   In 1974 the aircraft was
                                    exported to the USA and flown in California as ZK-ASP before becoming N83DH in 1975.
                                    In 1984 it was purchased by Brian Woodford in England and registered G-ADHA, a "period"
                                    registration originally assigned to a Tiger Moth (ntu).  The aircraft was returned to New Zealand
                                    in 1997, registered ZK-ADI once more, and restored to its original orange and silver paint
                                   scheme. .  It is still flying and is based at Waipukarau.  The nice shot below from the Kenneth
                                   Tilley collection shows it at Woburn in 1989, all decked out as the Prince of Wales' machine
                                   with 1930s Royal Flight livery.