VH-UXX  Avro 618 Ten  Modified                           (c/n 231)

                               When the first Australian National Airways folded, C.T.P. Ulm, one of the founders of that short-
                                lived enterprise purchased one of the remaining Avro 618 Tens (VH-UMI) himself, out of the
                                liquidation of the assets.  This he had substantially modified, and, in the event, re- registered as
                                VH-UXX.   His intention was to use the machine on route proving flights, hoping to arouse
                                Government interest in such exploits.  To that end he patriotically named it 'Faith in Australia'. 
                                The image above is courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales collection, taken at Mascot
                                circa 1934, shortly before Ulm sold the machine to Eastern Air Transport of Sydney, NSW.  It
                                later went to Kingsford Smith Aviation.   Immediately below is an image from the CAHS archives,
                                while at the foot of the page is a photograph (via Geoff Goodall) of the sad remains of it after it
                                was grounded at Townsville following civilian evacuation flights from New Guinea after Japenese
                                air attacks in early 1942. The record-breaking Avro was parked behind a munitions dump barricade,
                                where it was quickly vandalised and stripped. This shot was reportedly taken in 1944 by which time
                                the old Avro was just a bare frame.   For more data on this interesting aircraft visit