VH-UUJ     B A Swallow  II                                         (c/n 412)


The registration VH-UUJ was originally allocated to a Simmonds Spartan (c/n 47) formerly VQ-FAA,
                               the first aircraft registered in the colony.   In the event, when the ship reached Sydney, (with Genaircos
                               VQ-FAC and VQ-FAD also aboard) the Spartan, also consigned to General Aircraft Co, was not
                               taken up.  Possibly the aircraft was in very poor shape. The registration -UUJ was then re-assigned to
                               the B. A. Swallow seen above in this photo from the John Hopton collection.  First owner was Adastra
                               Airways and it was registered on 21 October 1935.  Following a crash in October 1937, the original
                               Pobjoy Cataract engine was swapped out for a Pobjoy Niagara I.  VH-UUJ survived the war, but its
                               CofR lapsed in 1947.    I stumbled across its fuselage one day at Bankstown, NSW in 1954 as seen
                               in the photo below.