VH-UTV  Short S.16/1 Scion                         (c/n S.793)

                               The Short Scion was developed in 1933 as a 5 passenger feeder liner.  VH-UTV was purchased
                               new by Adelaide Airways in 1936, in whose markings it is seen in the Australian National Airways'
                               supplied photograph above.  From the Geoff Goodall collection comes the image (below) of -UTV
                               still with Adelaide Airways, but in revised livery.  Note AA emblem on fuselage.  Adelaide Airways
                               was one of the companies which combined to form Australian National Airways July 1936 (although
                               operations under that name did not commence until November of that year).   Upon being absorbed
                               into the ANA fleet, VH-UTV was given the name "Moata".    Used for a time by Connellan Airways
                               out of Alice Springs, this aircraft was last known of at Chewing Gum Field, Tallebudgera, Qld in 1980. 
                               Its subsequent fate is unknown.   Geoff Goodall provides another (color) shot of it at the foot of the
                               page taken much later on.