VH-UTP  Percival D. 3 Gull Six                                    (c/n D.30)


                                  Seen above in a pre-War shot, VH-UTP was originally built as a Percival D.2 Gull Four II with
                                  the British registration G-ACHA.   It was converted to Gull Six status in 1934 and purchased
                                  by another well known name in Australian aviation, namely that of P.G. Taylor.  It was later
                                  operated by Holyman's Airways and its successor, Australian National Airways, although in
                                  just what capacity is not clear.   This shot is somewhat unique in that it displays an aircraft with
                                  a large "VH" on the tail  -  common for European nations to repeat the national letters, but
                                  only done in Australia if the aircraft was likely to travel outside the borders of that country.. 
                                  The photo immediately below, from the Macarthur Job collection shows the Gull probably
                                  early post-war with mechanic Phil Maddern posing over the tail.   Following its ownership by
                                  Rain Air Taxis of Sydney in 1959 its CofA lapsed, and the old lady languished in a shed in a
                                  Sydney suburb.   It was lovingly restored over the years by Mothcair Aviation of Murwillumbah,
                                  NSW for Singapore Airlines captain Don Johnson and is an oft time visitor to Fly-ins, as evidenc-
                                  ed by the nice shot of it (foot of page) by Scott Williamson, taken at the Queensland Vintage
                                  Aeroplane Group-sponsored 1996 Festival of Flight annual Fly-in at Watts Bridge Airfield.